If you’re a fan of Big Brother you may be interested in watching the polar bear version.

Sea World has launched ‘cub cam’ where for the first time guests will be able to see the new cub and his mother, live from the den.

Alexandra Duval reports.


Sea World has the only polar bear exhibit in Australia and it’s only the second time a cub has been born in capativity in the country.

The birth has sparked so much attention it was decided to show the world.

Multiple cameras have been installed in the polar bear enclosure to capture every moment of its early life.

An excited audience watched mother Liya groom her cub as the screens were turned on for the first time.

Vox 1: “It was cute, very very cute.”

Vox 2: “This is the last day of our holiday – back to New Zealand tomorrow so the best day of our holiday. Today will be our highlight.”

Vox 3: “I think it’s adorable.”

Since the birth on May the 9th, mum and bub have been in a specially-made den, where the the cub will stay until it has developed enough to leave.

Sea World staff are hoping the addition of the camera proves as popular as Adelaide Zoo’s panda cam which launched three years ago to great success

Trevor Long, Marine Sciences Director, Sea World: “We do have a lot of people who have VIP pass situations and is an amazing reward to come here and see the development of this beautiful cub.”

Mr Long says the cub-cam will provide visitors with a unique experience.

Trevor Long, Marine Sciences Director, Sea World: “The cameras will be going every day and you’ll see it right until mum comes out of the den, probably around end of August and when she comes out, she still won’t be on exhibit, we have a big creche out the back.”

Australia’s newest baby polar bear will stay in the Seaworld creche for up to two years.

Alexandra Duval, QUT News.