The big TV switch to digital is just around the corner.

Next week, analogue will be a thing of the past clearing the way for the future of television.

Jessica Case reports.


Next Tuesday, you’d better be digital ready. Otherwise, this is what you’ll see.

The 28th of May is the last day of analogue transmission for Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

Most people have chosen to switch over a little while ago, and now, aren’t feeling the pinch.

Vox 1: “It’s not affecting me. I just bought a set top box.”

Vox 2: “If you still got an analog TV it’s probably a miracle its still working, that’s just how old they are.”

Some small businesses though, say the switch is starting to hit them hard.

Simon Murphy, Jetts Margate Owner & Manager: “It’s just another cost that we have to do for no real benefit.”

Even after the turnover, the outcome wasn’t as expected.

Simon Murphy, Jetts Margate Owner & Manager: “The TV screens are actually more squished up and in my opinion don’t look as good.”

The switch has created more oppportunities for people with a disability.

With 61 employed by the Endeavour Foundation, recycling unwanted televisions and computers has proven to be a real benefit.

Mathew Punnoose, Endeavour Production Manager: “For now recycling has given them a new lease of life.”

If you haven’t already made the switch now might be a good time with various retailers slashing TV prices.

JB HI-FI is expecting a rush this weekend.

Matthew Law, JB HI-FI sales team: “We’re looking at doing an increase on the discounts on our set top boxes and we’re more than happy to sort anyone out who is coming in for a set top box this weekend.”

Forbes McKail and his partner Leila have come up with other ways of preserving history: Re-purposing old TVs.

Leila Cosgrove, resident: “You can be really creative with the things that your throwing away, you don’t have to put them out on the footpath for them to become landfill.”

Jessica Case, QUT News.