Queensland is getting ready to paint the town green, white and red, with Italian week kicking off on Sunday.

Delicious food, dramatic performances and wondrous workshops will light up the river city for the seventh year running.

Conor Tobin reports.


Italians are known best for their coffee and music but most importantly their food.

So good, a favourite can’t be chosen.

Barbara Falcomer, New Farm Deli: “Everything. I can’t pin point one particular thing because it’s all good, it’s all good.”

Roberto Semeraro, La Dolce Vita: “The food like you know the most important food in Italy is pizza and pasta.”

From Sunday, events right across Brisbane hope to bring together everything there is to love about Italian culture.

Alessandro Sorbello, Italian Week Organiser: “We see the Italian culture as being somthing that is much more tactile, much more engaing then just simply attending and participating in events the joy of Italian lifestyle is what we’re looking to celebrate.”

Whether you are eating the food or learning about the culture there is something for everyone.

Pasta making classes on Sunday, a cooking masterclass on Monday and a look into the history of Italian dance Wednesday.

For all the events head to italianweek.com.au.

Running for the whole week is this photography exhibition here in Alderley.

Stefania Kleynendorst, Photographer: “I have millions of photos because everywhere I travel I’m always with the camera. So we decided to do an exhibition about Italy, this selection in particular is about Tuscany.

And of course the best way to get around town to all the events is on an Italian scooter, like this vespa.

Conor Tobin, QUT News.