Logan locals gathered today, to hold a candle vigil for a woman found murdered.

Police have confirmed Joan Ryther had been savagely beaten and sexually assaulted.

Harrison Orchard reports.


About 100 people turned out at Woodridge train station this afternoon, to pay tribute to their neighbour and mate.

Work colleagues and friends stood hand in hand lighting candles as a mark of respect for Joan Canino Ryther.

The Centre Against Sexual Violence, based on the street Ms Ryther lived, organised the daylight vigil.

Linda-Ann Northey, Manager Working Against Violence Support Service: “We’re lighting a candle to honour the memory of this beautiful young woman, we want to let her know that we care, we’re here for her, we’re here for her family, we’re here for her friends and we just want to send that positive message that this community cares.”

Ms Ryther’s partly clothed body was found outside a home in Logan Central early yesterday morning.

Today, police confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted.

Supt David Hutchinson, Qld Police: “At this stage I say that the victim did sustain some blunt force trauma to the head and we are of the view she was sexually assaulted.”

Detectives also confirmed Ms Ryther was pregnant at the time of her death.

Friends said that she was hoping for a baby boy.

Harrison Orchard, QUT News.