This morning people around the nation ate cakes and drank tea all in the name of cancer research.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea today celebrated its twentieth year.

Conor Tobin reports.


Two decades and $112 million later.

We’re still more than happy to load up on all things sweet in the name of charity.

About a 100 people gathered at the Stamford Hotel to sip and do their bit for the Cancer Council.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council Qld: “This year in Queensland we hope to see around 6,500 hosts across the state hold their own biggest morning tea and raise over two and a half million dollars.”

Three years ago doctors found a tumor on India McGuigan spinal cord.

After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – today she’s standing tall.

India McGuigan, Cancer survivor: “This sort of event just for people learning more about cancer and being more aware and fundraising money for research is just really important because without fundraising we’re not going to be able to find these different treatments and a cure for cancer ultimately.”

Forty-one thousand people die every year in Australia from cancer, 8,000 of those are Queenslanders.

Abby Coleman, B105 Breakfast Host: “To be completely honest my uncle passed away quite recently only at the age of forty-two. When you see things like that you really wanna volunteer your time to help out as much as possible.”

It seems people are happy to help out especially when it’s as simple as drinking a cup of tea.

Before you pop the kettle on think twice about your choice of tea. Researchers say a chemical in chamomile can help ward off cancer.

To host your own morning tea or donate go to

Conor Tobin, QUT News.