Essendon’s Chief Executive Officer Ian Robson resigned today, saying it’s time to go.

It comes as two high-profile AFL players have found themselves in the headlines.

Jessica Case reports.


Bombers CEO Ian Robson has stepped down as fallout from the club supplement scandal grows.

Ian Robson, Former Essendon CEO: “We now know a lot happened at this club in 2012 that just should not have happened. We let down our players and their families.”

He’s now urging the code to look ahead to the future.

Ian Robson, Former Essendon CEO: “I want to make it really clear, from my point of view, knowing what I now know. We must use these events as a turning point in sport.”

In other AFL news Hawthorn player Buddy Franklin has apologised to a woman after his ‘rude behaviour’ last weekend.

Swimwear designer, Nicky Rowsell, claims the footballer stood over her and yelled in her face when he was drunk.

The pair later took to social media to continue the spat.

Meanwhile, Essendon player Nathan Lovett-Murray could be back at training as soon as next week.

The AFL veteran was involved in an altercation involving two other men at his girlfriend’s house in Melbourne.

The club doctor says he’s fortunate to have escaped serious injury when he was stabbed on Tuesday night.

Jessica Case, QUT News.