Winter is almost here and with that, comes an increase in the number of house fires.

Today the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service launched a Winter Fire Safety campaign aimed at saving lives.

Alexandra Duval reports.


The message was delivered with this graphic demonstration of what can happen if safety precautions are ignored.

QFRS Commissioner Lee Johnson says winter is traditionally the most dangerous time for house fires, and the busiest for his crews.

Lee Johnson, QFRS Commissioner: “This time of year, during winter, there is definitely an increase in fires and people can take simple precautions to make sure they don’t end up a victim.”

Police and Community Safety Minister, Jack Dempsey, says by using a little common sense people can greatly increase their chances of survival.

Jack Dempsey, Police Minister: “There’s two steps, please make sure that your fire alarms are working properly, that’s including your smoke sensors, as well as making sure that you have a proper fire evaluation plan in place.”

The Winter Fire Safety launch comes just a week after ten people escaped this fire in Taringa which gutted their house.

Among the most common caused of fires are lack of attention when cooking, lit cigarettes and misuse of heating equipment. All of which, the Minister says, are avoidable with proper care.

Free fire safety visits to your home can be booked by calling 13 QGOV.

Alexandra Duval, QUT News.