It’s Responsible Gambling Awareness Week and problem gamblers beware.

a new awareness campaign will be aired on TV, through public posters, in pubs and clubs even on ATM machines.

Jessica Case reports.


And it’s exactly what the government wants.

Jarrod Bleijie, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice: “My view of this is that it should be in their face all the time in these venues.”

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Jarrod Bleijie says pubs and clubs have joined forces to help Queensland’s seventeen-thousand problem gamblers.

Jarrod Bleijie, Attorney General and Minister for Justice: “The first thing people will see is actually these sorts of awareness campaigns, directly on the ATM machines and to ask them to think twice about withdrawing money and go and put it in the pokie machines.”

But not everyone thinks the new campaign is a good idea.

Vox 1: “Let people make their own mind up at least stop being ‘poor me’ society and get back to where we were.”

Vox 2: “Yes we do need rules and regulations but the majority of us enjoy what we do and we’re in control of what we’re doing so we enjoy it.”

But Derek Tuffield from Gambling Help Networking Queensland, say families need the help.

Derek Tuffield, Gambling Help Networking Queensland: “They’re coming into our fourteen branches throughout the state seeking assistance as to why the funds aren’t there to pay the rent, pay the food and to pay the bills to run the household.”

The issue of gambling has also proved a thorn in the side for the NRL.

It’s now considering not finding a replacement after its partnership split with Tom Waterhouse.

South Australia have also jumped on board by looking to ban the advertising of live odds during sporting matches.

Jessica Case, QUT News.