Brisbane city’s skyline is set for a shake up with plans for the C.B.D’s tallest building confirmed.

Meanwhile, one of the city’s oldest buildings has been refurbished after being damaged by the January 2011 floods.

Georgia Eather reports.


It’s Brisbane’s second oldest building.

The Commissariat Store has been pain stakingly refurbished to its original condition.

Seventy five cubic metres of sediment had to be removed before the restoration began.

Tim Mander, Public Works Minister: “It’s important that we maintain the heritage of our city and so the reconstruction of that building was a priority to our government when we came in. It had been delayed for some time.”

The Commissariat Store was built by convicts in 1829 it’s been used as a general store, police quarters and a museum.

That’s the old. And this is the new. Plans have been released to revamp the former Brisbane District and Supreme Court complex into a mixed use precinct giving these courts a new lease on life.

The development includes residential apartments, a five star hotel and 76 storey office tower.

Tim Mander, Public Works Minister: “This is a great boost to two of the pillars of the Queensland economy. Obviously, the construction pillar and the tourist pillar.”

Tourism and Major Events Minister, Jann Stuckey says Brisbane has missed out on several major corporate events because the city doesn’t have enough five star hotel rooms.

Jann Stuckey, Tourism and Major Events Minister: “I heard only a moment ago that the hotel rooms have increased I think up to almost three hundred rooms so that is certainly going to satisfy our hunger here in Brisbane.”

The mixed-use precinct will be completed by 2018.

Georgia Eather, QUT News.