The frosty Brisbane morning was mimicked in State Parliament today, ahead of next month’s state budget.

Education was again on the agenda and saving wildlife was the topic, outside.

Michael Kersnovske reports.


As Parliamentarians gathered inside a small yet loud group of protestors rallied to protest a proposed development of Koala habitat.

They claim it’s another broken election promise.

Dr Tim Seelig, Wilderness Society Campaign Manager: “We need to keep our protections in place, we need to make sure our native bushland and Koala’s and other indangered species get the very best protection they possibly can, and today’s changes to the vegetation management act do exactly the opposite.”

In Question Time, the Opposition tried to get answers on proposed school closures.

Education Minister, John-Paul Langbroek would only say it’s still under serious consideration.

John-Paul Langbroek, Education Minister: “The question which had the wrong imputation that we have actually gazetted the school’s for closure, we’ve done what we were supposed to do which is to gazette consultation about proposed closure.”

Premier Campbell Newman shrugged off media reports he wanted lessons on the Government’s thirty year future plan, to be taught in schools.

Campbell Newman, Premier: “The assertion that the Queensland plan is to be taught in schools is something I have to correct, it’s nonsense.”

But the Government did confirm reports that the group behind a Cairns juvenile boot camp, has been given their marching orders.

Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie says the Government is still committed to helping troubled teens.

The Attoney General remains confident the camps are the right decision for the state, announcing today the application process was again open for Cairns.

Parliament resumes tomorrow.

Michael Kersnovske, QUT News.