At Queensland’s Government House sixteen Australians were honoured for their actions that resulted in lives being saved.

Governor, Penelope Wensley presented recipients with Australia’s Highest Honorary Award for Bravery.

Rachael Boyce reports.


Today’s recipients had come face to face with circumstances that were almost unimaginable.

Governor Penelope Wensley acknowledged their courage and bravery.

Among recipients were St Laurence College teachers, Christoper Oakes and Edward Wallace.

In 2008 the teachers were confronted by a group of armed men who entered their school with a meat cleaver and attacked some of the students.

However, the teachers both said the kids were their main concern.

Christopher Oakes, Award Recipient: “The school is a very close community we are a very large school but very close community and the ethos there is certainly centred around taking care of each other and other people.”

Most of the recipients could not explain their feelings, many not realising the true impact their actions have had.

It was a day of acclimation and appreciation for these very humble Australians.

Rachael Boyce QUT News.