An Ipswich man has had a close encounter of an unidentified kind filming a flying object over his home in Booval.

The footage shows an iridescent, curved object moving erratically through the sky.

Katrina Mawer reports.


Taking a break from his nightly television shows, Arthur Sollitt decided to relax on his verandah.

What he witnessed was something truly paranormal.

Arthur Sollitt, Retired plumber: “It was floating around and with the different angels I got different views of the shape.”

The object had a curved body and a distinctive, green colour.

It moved quickly and erratically making it difficult to film.

Mr Sollitt says he’s at a loss to identify the object that flew so close to his home.

Arthur Sollitt, Retired plumber: “In my opinion it’s a remote controlled object of some sort whether it’s from here on earth or whether it’s from out in space I don’t know.”

Software Engineer Emile Victor says the object was likely a radio-controlled model airplane, capable of aerobatic maneuvers.

Emile Victor, Aerospace Software Engineer: “I think that it may be an RC plane with EL wire attached to it so that the operator could fly it around at night.”

Queensland Times journalist Joel Gould has published several stories from Ipswich residents who also claim they’ve seen a similar flying object.

He says Mr Sollitt only agreed to come forward with the footage after reading about similar sightings.

Joel Gould, Journalist: “I think he was a bit reluctant to come forward until he’d seen other people also claiming to have seen it.”

The distinct colour of the unidentified flying object is the same as lights used on some types of radio controlled model aircraft.

A probable theory but for now the truth remains unknown.

Katrina Mawer QUT News.