With electricity prices on the rise more Australians are installing solar power than ever before.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Australia is on track to meet its renewable energy targets.

Vanessa Wolfe reports.


Australia has some of the highest electricity prices in the world.

It’s also one of the countries most suited for solar power.

However, government funding for the sector has diminished and this is a concern for the entire renewable energy industry.

Kevin Rudd, Member for Griffith: “We’ve legislated and made it a law of Australia that we must have renewable energy accounting for 20 per cent of our electricity generation by 2020.”

In Australia, it can cost twice as much to manufacture solar panels compared with other countries.”

Solar panel companies say Australia is unlikely to catch up in solar manufacturing because government funding is only aimed at customers, not manufacturers.

Leigh Storr, Managing Director at Biosolar: “The support we’ve recieved in the last few years of foundation was exactly what we needed. Those incentives put there by the government, both state and federal really kickstarted this industry.”

Increased investments in solar technologies are expected to drive Australia’s renewable energy targets to be reached by 2020.

Kevin Rudd says the Australian attitude to bioenergy resources is changing.

Vanessa Wolfe QUT News.