A five-year-old boy remains in a serious condition after he was flung 10 metres into the air from a school fete ride in Toowoomba.

He suffered serious head injuries from the accident and remains in a coma in the Mater Children’s Hospital.

Jessica Case reports.


This little boy needs to wake up.

Patrick O’Sullivan is surrounded by his family at the Mater Children’s Hospital.

His grandfather, an LNP Candidate, Barry O’Sullivan, struggled to hold back tears as he spoke of his “little mate”.

Barry O’Sullivan, Grandfather: “Our entire focus up here is singular. It’s to see our little man wake up and then it’s to see him stand up.”

During the emotional press conference Mr O’Sullivan said the family didn’t know the full circumstances of the incident.

Barry O’Sullivan, Grandfather: “If love and prayers could get him up, he’d be up by midday.

Patrick was at the fete with his three brothers aged ten, eight and three before he went on the ride called ‘frisbie’.

He was flung ten metres landing on the roof of another stall.

President of the Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association, Phil Durkin says rides are checked daily.

Phil Durkin, President of AALARA: “It’s a legislative requirement that all operators carry out daily inspections of every ride, prior to it being put into action.”

Compared to the rest of the world, Queensland has an excellent record, with an incident rate of point zero, zero, two five per cent.

Phil Durkin, President of AALARA: “The amusement industry is incredibly safe in Australia. We’ve got probably the best safety standards in the world.”

Workplace Health and Safety officials drove to Toowoomba today to investigate the incident and find out extactly what happened.

Jessica Case QUT News.