A new report has given Queensland the unwanted title of Australia’s drug capital.

The Australian Crime Commission’s Illicit Drug Data report was released today with cannabis and steroid seizures in Queensland at higher levels than any other state.

Berndaette O’Connor reports.


The report launched today shows nearly 295 kilograms of cocaine was found in Queensland during the 2011-2012 financial year.

It is also shown Queensland accounts for the greatest proportion of illicit drug arrests.

Jason Clare, Home Affairs Minister: “We can’t be naive, there will always be criminals trying to pedal drugs because there is a lot of money in it. But we can do something about it.”

Alarmingly steroid seizures were among the highest recorded.

Tony Negus, Australian Federal Police Comissioner: ” The number of performance enhancing drugs increased and it is the highest recorded in the last decade, national steriod seizures and arrests increased to the highest on record.”

The Minister says though this report shows a rise in illicit drug seizures there is also more arrests than ever before with seventeen thousand arrests last year in Queensland alone expected to maintain public confidence in the police response.

Michael Pezzullo, Australian Customs and Border Protection: “Today is a real testimony to the fact we work collaboratively at both a federal and state level, we work very closely with the federal police with the crime commission and this is exemplified in the production of this report.”

Vox 1: “If they’re causing a nuisance or destroying property then yes, they deserve to be arrested.”

Vox 2: “The tendency should be that there should be a much closer look at how many cases are taken to court for minor drug use.”

Bernadette O’Connor QUT News