The Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader are now neck and neck as preferred Prime Minister in the latest opinion polls.

Julia Gillard has turned around a three month decline despite the tough love budget announced last week.

Michael Kersnovske reports.


Australian voters remain undecided ahead of the September 14 election.

According to Newspoll, Tony Abbott remains the voters’ choice as the better Prime Minister but only just.

Even better news for Labor, the FairFax Neilson poll has the pair locked at 46 per cent following the survey of voters taken at the weekend.

The Government believes voters agree with the decisions made in last Tuesday’s budget.

Mitch Thistlethwaite, Labour Senator: “It demonstrates Keiran, that Labours getting it right in finding the right saving measures to ensure we prioritise growth and jobs in our economy.”

The Prime Minister’s good news didn’t extend to her Treasurer, Wayne Swan, with voters believing the Opposition’s Joe Hockey is more capable of handling the economy.

Wayne Swan, Treasurer: “I don’t talk about opinion polls but I love, I really love talking about policy.”

Despite the PM’s improved results, on two party preferred, the coalition remains on track to win the election, with Newspoll showing a steady twelve point lead over Labor.

The Neilson poll mimics these results with the coalition ahead by eight.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “I never said it was going to be easy to win this election. I’ve always said that winning an election from opposition was like climbing Mt Everest.”

Polls weren’t the only thing on Tony Abbott’s mind today, his chief of staff has been caught drink driving.

Peta Credlin recorded a low range reading after a dinner in Canberra last Thursday.

Mr Abbott brushed aside taking further action.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “Peter Credlin is an outstanding chief of staff, a really outstanding chief of staff. She accepts she has made a mistake , done the wrong thing and it will now be handled in the usual way.”

Michael Kersnovske QUT News.