And the cooler weather usually co-incides with the start of the whale watching season.

And right on queue the first whales have appeared off the coast of south east Queensland.

Jessica Case reports.


Locals spotted this pregnant female yesterday off North Stradbroke Island making her long journey north to give birth.

Nearby fishermen had the box seat for viewing keeping a legal distance from the massive mammal.

But those at Point Lookout also had a spectacular view.

Vox 1: “They were putting on a bit of a show, so it’s exciting for the pods coming through now.”

Jennie Truman, Stradbroke Local: “It’s a welcome sight, and locals know the arrival of the whales reel in tourists from around the world.”

From her balcony Jennie Truman has been watching the migrational passage for the past decade.

She keeps a chalk board tally it’s only three now but she expects it’ll reach around two thousand.

Jennie Trueman, Stradbroke Local: “A mother and a first year calf, just in the bay here, playing around. They were here for ages. It was like they were just saying ‘hey we’re here’ they were breaching they were slapping.”

There’s no doubt conditions are perfect for whale watching with crystal clear waters and a blue skies.

Jessica Case, QUT News.