One of Brisbane’s most notorious road black spots, is just days away from being declared safe.

Council representatives today inspected the $1.9 million Fortitude Valley upgrade.

Louise Starkey reports.


This is the scene where 76 accidents occurred over the past five years and it’s easy to see why with Brisbane City Council’s traffic cameras showing motorists taking danergous risks.

Vicki Howard, Councillor: “It’s been an important project for Central Ward as this has been a notorious black spot. There has been quite a number of injuries.”

Adrian Schrinner, Deputy Mayor: “It’s one of Brisbane’s worst intersections from a safety point of view.”

But Federal Government funding is about to change that.

Now motorists heading east into the city won’t be able to turn right from Gipps Street into Ann Street.

Instead the right turn entrance into Barry Parade will be modified as an alternative.

Vicki Howard, Councillor: “That will allow the smooth flowing of traffic from the north side of Brisbane to the south side.”

The $1.9 million upgrade was implemented to increase safety along the Gipps Street intersection, in the heart of the Fortitude Valley.

Work is due to be complete in 5 days.

Louise Starkey, QUT News.