A truck driver is fighting for his life in hospital, after a dramatic crash on a major Melbourne freeway this morning.

The driver was flung from the cabin of his vehicle, 20 metres to the road below.

Catherine Tucker reports.


Not long after dawn, a crash on the busy CityLink tollway threw Melbourne traffic into chaos.

In the wet conditions a truck driver clipped a car, jack-knifed then flipped over the concrete barrier, leaving the truck dangling precariously.

The driver was flung from the cabin, falling 20 metres to the street below.

A nearby factory worker found the man, comforting him until the ambulance arrived.

Witness, Factory Worker: “I guess I did what any other first aid trained person would do. Just make sure he was conscious and keep him calm and be there for him I suppose until paramedics could take over.”

The witness said the truck driver was drifting in and out of consciousness.

He suffered serious head and pelvic injuries.

It appears he struck a light pole after being ejected from the cabin, partially breaking his fall.

The driver of the car suffered minor injuries.

Fire crews spent most of the day working to clear the scene.

Peter Egan, MFB Operations Manager: “The truck, as you can see, is perched precariously on the freeway edge. We will need two cranes here.”

Inbound lanes on the freeway were closed for morning peak hour and major roads into the city were jammed up for most of today.

Catherine Tucker, QUT News.