Queenslanders will be asked to help foot the bill for repairing flood damage.

The proposed levy will raise $1 billion over five years.

Julia Younger reports.


As if living isn’t already expensive, get ready for a new tax.

The Newman government says it needs more funds to cover flood prevention and repairs.

It’s considering a levy to be collected via household bills like rates.

The Transport Minister says it’s not yet a done deal.

Scott Emerson, Qld Transport Minister: “We’ve made no decision about that but I can tell you it’s a topic worth having a discussion about because resilience for those flood affected is so important.”

The Queensland Council of Social Services says a levy could work, but those on low incomes would need to be protected.

Mark Henley, Qld Council of Social Services: “We’ve been asking for a whole government approach to concessions and that we believe if there’s going to be an implemention of a levy that they seriously consider what concessions would be available for people on low income.”

Local government Minister David Crisafulli says the levy will only cause short term pain to households. Some Queenslanders, however, disagree.

Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk says a tax for flood prevention and repair is not fair.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Opposition Leader: “There is no need for the Newman government to put this extra new big tax on to families at this time.”

Details of the levy are expected in next month’s State Budget.

Julia Younger, QUT News.