More than a thousand people were at QUT Gardens Point campus today celebrating Norway’s constitution day.

Maritza Munoz reports.


Everyone was in a festive mood as the celebrations began with a street parade.

Traditional dress, music and food were favourites of the day.

This year, QUT’s Norwegian student club hosted activities which focussed on ‘chilling out’.

Thomas Brakstad, Norwegian Students Club President: “Just sitting outside, enjoying good traditional Norwegian food, having a drink and chatting with your friends on a nice sunny day.”

It was an event for all ages and everyone had their highlights.

Vox 1: “It’s just great to see the Norwegian spirit I guess and do the parade and everything”

Vox 2: “Oh the march. Of course the march. My band plays there.”

Vox 3: “Ice cream, brown cheese and waffles with brown cheese.”

Today’s activities are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, but next year marks the 200th commemorations and the celebrations are expected to be even bigger.

Maritza Munoz, QUT News.