Brisbanites are going to the dogs this weekend, at the annual Million Paws Walk.

It’s also shaping up as two days of food and fun at the Paniyiri Greek festival and the 100-year-old Brookfield show.

Kate Fallis reports.


After more than 100 years, The Brookfield Show in Brisbane’s western suburbs is still the biggest little show around.

The show is like a mini-Ekka, with the usual attractions, such as the equestrian events and all the fun of the fair.

The three-day show draws people from across Queensland, but organisers say it’s also important for the local community.

Cathy Fullerton, Vice President Brookfield Show Society: “But you wouldn’t do it if you weren’t having fun. And that’s what it is, it’s that spirit between us all and that hopefully we’re engaging and modelling to the next generation of Brookfield children.”

It’s the place to get that great country feel only half an hour from the city.

Queenslanders and their dogs are also taking to the streets this weekend for the Million Paws Walk.

The annual event, held at 28 sites around the state, aims to raise funds for the RSPCA and particularly for abandoned and neglected animals.

The walk attracts almost 20,000 animal lovers each year.

Amanda Appel, RSPCA Marketing and PR Manager: “It’s just a wonderful family day in the park. So it’s good fun for the family to come, it’s also a really great way to introduce your kids and the rest of your family to a really worthy cause.”

The goal for this year is to raise $200,000, but the organisers say there’s still more to do.

Get involved with the Million Paws Walk and help out all our four-legged friends like this little guy.

And to top off the weekend, it’s Paniyiri time again.

The annual event celebrates Greek culture with music and dancing.

Andrew Chambackus, General Manager of The Greek Club: “It attracts between 50 and 60,000 people, being the biggest two-day ethnic festival in Australia.”

And possibly Paniyiri’s biggest attraction is the traditional food.

Kate Fallis, QUT News.