Tony Abbott says he will ease cost-of-living pressures by lowering electricity and gas prices.

But in his Budget Reply, the Opposition Leader didn’t guarantee that every Australian will be better off if the Coalition wins government in September.

Chanelle Rodger reports.


Backed by his family Mr Abbott pitched his words to win over Australian families.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “We pledge ourselves to your service.”

He outlined five key points to cut government spending by $4 billion a year.

At the centre of the Coalition’s plan; the household carbon price compensation stays, but not the tax itself.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “A coalition government will keep the current income tax thresholds and the current pension and benefit fortnightly rates, while scrapping the carbon tax.”

An Abbott Government would delay superannuation increases by two years.

They plan massive cuts to public sector jobs.

An end to the twice-yearly supplementary allowance to welfare recipients.

And promise women they’ll receive 26 weeks paid parental leave.

The Government’s not surprised by the Coalition plans.

Penny Wong, Finance Minister: “Mr Abbott made clear he would hurt who Liberal governments always hit – Australians on low and middle incomes.”

Vox 1: “And it’s voodoo economics at its best.”

Mr Abbott says he will keep most of the $43 billion in savings outlined in Treasurer Wayne Swan’s budget, including scrapping the baby bonus.

Chanelle Rodger, QUT News.