A prevention program is underway to reduce the risk of stroke the second largest killer and the leading cause of disability in Australia.

And this morning Brisbane commuters lined up for a free health check part of the ‘Know Your Numbers’ campaign.

Chanelle Rodger reports.


On their way to work commuters could have their blood pressure checked and diabetes risk assessed, the main causes of a stroke.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg helped promote the Stroke Foundation’s push to lower the risk of vascular disease, stroke and type two diabetes.

Lawrence Springborg, Qld Health Minister: “We have 600 odd pharmacies participating in this program and I’d like to encourage Queenslanders to go in and actually have a free health check.”

Last year, more than 38,000 Queenslanders visited health check stations, with almost half unknowingly suffering from high blood pressure.

Jennifer Egan, National Stroke Foundation: “The awareness was raised around those figures, many people then took action.”

But there are other early indicators.

The Seekers’ singer Judith Durham is lucky to have sought medical attention after a life-threatening cerebral haemorrhage.

While the National Stroke Foundation continues to raise awareness of the risk factors associated with stroke, another leading institution today received some welcome news.

It came in the form of an annual half a million dollar donation to the Children’s Health Foundation from the Golden Casket’s Community Program.

The funds will be used to by the Royal Children’s Hospital to research more effective ways to treat childhood illnesses.

It’ll help kids like five-year-old Sam who suffers from severe asthma.

Nikki Gleeson, Sam’s mother: “Without your ongoing generous support, the amazing doctors and professors that work here wouldn’t be able to continue their research and also have the state of the art technology that help keep these little boys alive.”

Chanelle Rodger, QUT News.