The public has the wrong perception about the Logan region.

The Logan Council says the area has a bright future as a tourist hotspot and a place to train future rugby league stars.

Selena Colavitti reports.


Logan now has a brand new tourism website showcasing the city’s best attractions.

Mayor Pam Parker says that’s just the start of a campaign to increase awareness about what Logan has to offer.

Pam Parker, Mayor Logan City: “We’re ideally situated between Brisbane, Gold Coast and the beautiful Bay Islands and Redlands. So you know, where else in the world can you find real estate like this?”

Logan City is home to numerous retail and shopping facilities, award winning wetlands, koala habitats and leisure activities.

Locals say attracting tourists will definitely be good for the city’s future.

Sarah Portillo, Logan Resident: “Especially if local government or tourism industry will advertise places like this more, and people will get to know these areas are actually excellent places to go to as well.”

Also good for Logan’s future: plans to build a six million dollar rugby league academy.

The Brisbane Broncos announced a deal with Logan Council for a world class facility on this vacant site, in the heart of the Logan region.

Paul White, Broncos CEO: “It just builds on the work that we’re already doing in the community and it actually builds on our ability as a club to be able to put something back into Logan. At the same time making sure we set the opportunity to secure the best talent from this area.”

This is one of the many tourist attractions that the Logan City Council say will attract tourists to the region, and make the campaign a success.

Selena Colavitti, QUT News.