Wayne Swan is remaining positive as he prepares for the unveiling of his sixth budget.

He’s strongly dismissed claims that it will be his last.

Kate Fallis reports.


The budget reveal is believed to include a decade’s worth of funding for key reforms in education and disability care.

However, Government backer, Tony Windsor, doubts it will be enough to save Mr Swan.

Tony Windsor, Independent MP: “My guess, if this is the point of your question, is that there will probably be a change of government at the next election.”

And political hopeful, Clive Palmer took a swipe at Wayne Swan’s numeracy skills.

Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party: “First of all, we need a treasurer that can count. Poor old Wayne Swan, he said it was gonna balance and now he says we’re about twelve or seventeen billion dollars over. We’re not seventeen billion dollars over, we’re about sixty billion dollars over.”

The treasurer though, isn’t worried.

Wayne Swan, Treasurer: “That is the least of my concern. What this budget is actually about is the future of this country.”

And Mr Swan again says he has a plan to return to surplus most likely in four years.

But the opposition sees the real challenge as Swan’s honesty after he broke last year’s promise of a surplus.

Joe Hockey, Shadow Treasurer: “If Wayne Swan can barely deliver honesty for twelve months in budget numbers, how can we believe him over a decade?”

There could be a win for Queenslanders though.

Several sources have confirmed that this budget will included money for the Ipswich Motorway and Brisbane’s Cross River Rail project.

This morning, the Treasurer seemed relaxed as he chatted with media and posed with his family.

We’ll know shortly if he still has something to smile about.

Kate Fallis, QUT News.