Mining magnate Clive Palmer says he’ll still run in this year’s election, despite another setback from the Australian Electoral Commission.

Mr Palmer says he’s willing to go to jail to have his new party registered ahead of the September 14 poll.

Selena Colavitti reports.


The A.E.C is yet to register Palmer’s United Party saying it doesn’t meet entry requirements.

The party’s first registration had seven-hundred members the AEC says it can only have five hundred.

The businessman says if he has to he’ll go to jail to run in the election.

Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party: “Look the whole thing is rubbish to be honest with you the situation is whether you’re a registered party or not you can stand for an election.”

He says Australians are fed up with how the government is running the country.

Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party: “Because right across the country people have had enough, they’ve had enough with Julia Gillard, they’ve had enough with Tony Abbott, they’ve had enough with seeing their disposable incomes diminished.”

On the ABC’s Q & A last night, the Queensland government came under fire following recent health cuts.

The Australian Council of Trade Union says cutting health jobs affects the Australian community.

Ged Kearney, ACTU President: “To cut such significant jobs like nursing jobs and health jobs not only has a huge impact on the health systems but it has an enormous impact on those small regional communities.”

Mr Palmer promised to restore the public’s trust.

Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party: “We’ll make a public announcement in parliament when it resumes if they sell any hospitals, if they sell any schools that we’ll resume them as soon as we are elected.”

The billionaire has resubmitted an application to have his party registered this time with the required five hundred and fifty members.

Selena Colavitti, QUT News.