One of Queensland’s most highly anticipated trials, over the murder of Daniel Morcombe, has been delayed because of a lack of legal resources.

Ironically the news came on the day almost a thousand people gathered in Brisbane, for the annual Walk for Justice rally.

Julia Young reports.


Police stopped traffic outside the Supreme Court as the walk got underway at 7am.

Supreme Court Justice Paul de Jersey and Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie led the record crowd along the Brisbane river.

The idea of the event is to highlight the need for fairer access to the legal system.

Walkers today say the cost of accessing the legal system can be a huge amount for most Queenslanders.

They want the government to ensure that even the most disadvantaged in the community can access their legal rights.

This means greater understanding of community issues and more government funding.

Vox 1: “I think that court costs are getting higher a lot of people are just squeezed between legal aid and being able to afford a lawyer.”

Even though Daniel Morcombe’s murder indictment will now be delayed.

Today’s walk ended with Jarrod Bleijie claiming the DPP is adequately resourced.

Jarrod Bleijie, Attorney General: “There’s processes in place, the law is there, the DPP have six months to present the indictment which I’m advised by the Director of the Public Prosecutions they are on track to do those according to the timeline.”

The Morcombe’s lawyer Peter Boyce was disappointed.

Peter Boyce, Morcombe’s lawyer: “I understood the indictment was going to be presented by the end of this month. August is news to me and I don’t know why it would be delayed as long as August.”

Peter Boyce says the Morcombe’s have waited long enough for the legal process to take its course.

Julia Younger, QUT News.