India comes to Brisbane this weekend.

The “Encounters: India Festival” will have seventy events spread over seven days and organisers say, Australia has never seen anything like this.

Catherine Tucker reports.


Many of us only know the three Cs about India – Commonwealth, cricket and curry.

The “Encounters: India Festival” intends to change that broadening our cultural experience and understanding of India.

Festival director Huib Schipper has more than four decades of personal involvement with Indian culture.

Huib Schipper, Festival director: “We try to give South East Queenslanders the idea there is so much to be gained from exploring these other cultures.”

The festival showcases Indian art, music, dance, film, fashion and food at various locations throughout the CBD and Southbank.

Huib Schipper, Festival director: “We try to make it a multidisciplinary experience and people can drink in Indian culture from different sides.”

Art will play a big part in showcasing another culture without having to leave Brisbane.

Naomi Evans, Griffith University: “The encounters festival is gaining momentum and this is the first time we’ve been involved and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

Visitors will be able to hear traditional Indian music and from Saturday, they can also visit an Indian Bazaar with more music, food and fashion.

The “Encounters: India Festival” is a chance for Brisbanites to experience the diversity of Indian culture. This festival will only last til Sunday where it will end with a spectacular Bollywood Performance.

Catherine Tucker, QUT News.