The Queensland Council of Unions has slammed the State Government for its new industrial relations laws, which they say are designed to muzzle union campaigns into the future.

It comes off the back of Tony Abbott’s planned changes to the Federal Act announced last week, which also had union bosses in their sights.

Selena Colavitti reports.


Unions have scrutinised the LNP’s planned laws changes which they say affects their ability to speak on behalf of their members.

Under the new changes Queensland unions must have a full referendum of their members to conduct campaigns over $10,000.

The Queensland Council of Unions says the legislation is designed to deliberately stop unions from speaking out.

John Battams, Queensland Council of Unions President: “This is obviously a bureaucratic attempt to wrap unions up in red tape to stop them campaigning to stop them in a timely fashion contesting the views of the government and their policies.”

The proposed law changes are designed to promote accountability and transparency. However the Queensland Council of Unions says transparency has never been an issue and is an integral part of what they do.

Mr Battams says the Council is looking at challenging the changes in the High Court.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie wasn’t available to comment on camera, but in a statement, said that union members deserve to know where and how their fees are being spent.

He says having greater accountability and transparency is in everyone’s interests.

Selena Colavitti, QUT News.