The Queensland Nurses Union is set to launch a state wide campaign warning against the potential privatisation of the state’s public hospitals.

It will run for two weeks at a cost of three-hundred-thousand dollars.

Mitchell Dunk reports.


The Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) believes the State Government is planning to privatise public hospitals.

It’s using radio ads to get this message out there.

Qld Nurses Union radio ad: “Hey Mum did you hear Newman and Springborg want private companies to run our public hospitals and Tony Abbott’s coalition supports this?Your kidding. On top of all the nurse sackings, well that’s going too far.”

QNU says the ads form part of a larger campaign targeting the entire state health system.

Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg says QNU’s allegations are fabrications.

Lawrence Springborg, Health Minister: “The ads are certianly ficticious, there’s no doubt about it. It’s just the nurses union proping up the Labor Party.”

But QNU disagrees.

Beth Mohle, Nurses Union: “They’re certainly not ficticious ads, even Mr Springborg today said by his own admission that future hospitals are being looked at.”

With the federal election just months away, the health minister has questioned the timing of the ads.

Lawrence Springborg, Health Minister: “Oh look no surprises here, this is just the labour party mates coming together to prop up the Gillard and Swan government.”

The unions campaign begins next Monday.

Mitchell Dunk, QUT News.