Former footballer Andrew Johns finally fronted the More Joyous racing inquiry in Sydney today.

After the drama-filled hearing last week, the chief steward told witnesses, including John Singleton and the Waterhouse family, to leave their egos outside.

Catherine Tucker reports.


It’s day two of the inquiry and it again attracted a media circus as the key players arrived.

It’s focusing on how much inside information surrounded the running of John Singleton’s horse More Joyous. Andrew Johns is seen as a key witness.

John Singleton, More Joyous Owner: “I just really hope that Joey and I can resume our relationship. Might never be the same but I still have high regard for him. The truth will do me.”

Johns has given conflicting evidence about what information he was privy to.

However, he clarified that Tom Waterhouse didn’t refer to More Joyous as being “off”.

Tom Waterhouse has close links with Channel Nine and Johns claims he’s concerned about his future with the network.

Singleton admits it was “an exaggeration” to claim that Tom Waterhouse had been “spruiking” the horse’s poor health to “all his mates”.

He says he will apologise to the Waterhouse family if evidence from Johns clears them of any wrongdoing.

Catherine Tucker, QUT News.