The trainee nurse who saved a man who’d fallen onto train lines in Brisbane’s north yesterday, has spoken for the first time about the incident.

Kay Seymour, says she had to make a snap decision when she saw the man fall off the railway platform.

Harrison Orchard reports.


Yesterday, Kay Seymour was on her way to TAFE where she’s studying to be a nurse, but she finished the day as a hero.

This CCTV vision shows a fifty-six year old man falling off the platform at Wooloowin station, when he had a seizure.

Railway emergency procedures went into action.

Train Control Centre: “Emergency! Emergency! Control! Man down on platform one, Wooloowin Station. Stop all trains control.”

But as the warning went out, Ms Seymour was jumping onto the tracks to save the man, with the train due to arrive within minutes.

Kay Seymour, Nurse: “I certainly wasn’t running on the tracks to run across to the other platform to save a couple of minutes. I made a very educated decision before I jumped down and it was to get that man off the tracks.”

Other commuters who saw the incident also ran to the emergency phones.

By that time, Ms Seymour was helping the man back to safety on the platform.

It was business as usual today at Wooloowin station despite yesterday’s events establishing this inner north train station as the scene of life-saving local heroism.

QR CEO, Jim Benstead, says Ms Seymour acted with courage and he urged members of the public to make sure they are aware of railway safety features.

Jim Benstead, QR Ceo: “Those call buttons are on our trains as well as on our platforms so it’s very important that people know what they should do about emergency situations.”

Last year, Queensland Rail dealt with 400 cases of tresspassing on railway tracks.

Harrison Orchard, QUT News.