Pampering preparations are underway with Mother’s Day just around the corner.

Retailers say it’s been one of the busiest years yet.

Lizzie Mulherin reports.


Whether it’s with flowers, chocolates, or simply a visit, this Sunday is the time to say thanks to mum.

While the day is about mothers, it is also a good day for retailers.

Julie Hopkins, General Manager at Perrott’s Florist: “It’s been really busy. It’s been a great year. We could feel it heating up about two weeks ago and the orders are flowing through quite smoothly.”

Florists aren’t the only ones in a frenzy.

Debbie Macgillray, Marketing Manager, Stamford Plaza: “Well on Sunday the hotel’s going to come alive, we’ve got something like 500 people coming in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning high tea, afternoon high tea.”

Tony Philerick, Newsagency Owner: “It’s been great, we’ve had quite a lot of sales, people coming in and getting their cards for the weekend, getting scratchies, getting lotto for the $21 million lotto on Saturday night.”

But others aren’t willing to take their chances when it comes to gift giving.

Vow 1: “I’m going to take her out for breakfast, then drive her around the city and take her for a walk in the park.”

Vox 2: “I made a Mother’s Day card.”

Then there’s the option of simply relaxing.

Here in Stanley Plaza the ‘Pamper Place’ will open from 10am on Sunday. Complete with massages and gourmet teas, it’s the perfect spot to spoil your mum.

But the mums aren’t asking for much.

Vox Mum 1: “I would love to just feel a little bit special. Maybe do a nice little breakfast.”

Vox Mum 2: “A really nice relaxed lunch somewhere along the Eagle St Pier would be really, really nice.”

Vox Mum 3: “I just want to be surprised, it would be nice. And a sleep in would be good, that’s all I ask for.”

So really it’s just, mum’s the word.

Lizzie Mulherin, QUT News.