A Marsden State High School student has been suspended for throwing a vegemite sandwich at the Prime Minister at a morning tea yesterday.

The teenager denies that he threw the sandwich protesting his innocence.

Whitney Angell reports.


Kyle Thomson claims he never threw a sandwich at the Prime Minister.

Instead, he attempted to stop the practical joke.

Kyle Thomson: “I shook her hand then later on down the path, I seen this kid throw a sandwhich at her and I seen another one in his hand so I wacked it out of his hand.”

Kyle’s mother, Anna Thomson, believes her son has been unfairly targetted.

She says the school was too quick to react and point blame.

Anna Thomson: “I think there should have been more investigation before it came to this.

And she appears to be right.

Around 3 this afternoon, the school lifted Kyle’s suspension.

But, is still to clear his name entirely.

A second student has now come forward.

He’s told 7 News, he expects to be suspended.

The ‘sandwich saga’ was a hot topic on social media today. Students with plenty to say about who might have been responsible.

New vision from Ms Gillard’s visit to Marsden yesterday shows another boy holding a sandwich.

The sandwich is lobbed up into the air before it lands at the feet of Queensland transport minister Scott Emerson.

The entire school is now paying for the actions of the sandwhich slinger as a scheduled free dress day this Friday, has now been cancelled.

Tameka, student: “Well it was kinda sad that someone would actually throw a sandwich at the Prime Minister. I mean, she done a lot for us.”

Kyle says despite what students and the media are saying the incident is no laughing matter.

But today, he couldn’t resist playing up a little, for the cameras.

Whitney Angell, QUT NEWS.