On September 14, we’ll be casting two votes.

The Prime Minister today announced a referendum for polling day, to recognise local government in the Constitution.

Amy Psaltis reports.


Ms Gillard wants Australians to vote “yes” at the September referendum.

The question is do we recognise the level of Local Government, as we already do for State and Federal governments.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “As a federal government we well and truly recognise that this is an important tier of government that has the faith of local communities and that local communities turn to each and everyday for services and support.”

This would allow funding and resources to directly benefit local government projects.

Anthony Albanese MP, Local Minister: “Right throughout the country the Federal government partners with local government on infrustructure and transport projects, to make a difference to local communities.”

The issue has been put to referendum on two previous occasions without success.

This time Prime Minister Gillard has bipartisan support, but opposition Senator Barnaby Joyce has criticised the federal government’s timing of the announcement.

Also announced today, the coalition’s workplace relations policy, which promises to retain the Fair Work Act.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “We want to protect worker’s pay and condition we also want to maximise their opportunities to get good jobs.”

Amy Psaltis, QUT News.