By Georgia Eather.
Edited for online by Thomas Brakstad.

Queensland’s  unemployment rate has dropped 0.3 per cent from 5.9 per cent to 5.6 per cent.

Numbers from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ showed that the unemplyement rate also dropped nationalwide with 34,000 more people in full time work and 15,600 more part time workers.

Economists had expected the unemployment rate for Australia to remain at 5.6 per cent, but instead it dropped to 5.5 per cent.

Hays Employment Queensland director,Darren Buchanan says people still looking for jobs have to be patient.

“Overall we have noticed that it is taking a little bit longer for some people who might have finished a job within hours or days, people are now finding that it can take weeks to find a new role,” he says.

QUT news reported last week the Government is holding jobs and skills expos around the coutry to help people back to work.

Mr Buchanan says the future employment rates are difficult to predict, with Australias economical situation.

“The trend going forward there is that three is no doubt that the market is pretty tough and the economy in Australia is well documented getting tougher,” he says.

Mr Buchanan says Australians are still lucky compared to other countries in terms of unemployment rate.

“You have to remember that the unemployment rate that we have in Australia, and even in Queensland which is slightly higher is still low by international standard,” he says.

He says the tough jobs market have had a positive effect on peoples budgetting.

“It’s picking up again now and I think people are still very cautious with their spending,” he says.

“People are budgeting much better than they used to and I think they will be better prepared if they find themselves out of work for a period of time.”

Mr Buchanan says unemployed people can improve their chances of getting a job.

“There’s things people can do to enhance their chances of getting a job more quickly,” he says.

“It depends on a number of factors, it depends on how persistence you are in finding a job, it depends on how much work you have put in to developing your CV so it looks attractive to employers.”