Queensland’s Treasurer opened a new building today at the Hamilton Harbour construction site.

New developments in the area are expected to boost population but could cause more congestion along main roads.

Harrison Orchard reports.


Brisbane’s luxury suburb has experienced high levels of development in previous years, with many commercial and residential buildings going up.

The latest addition to the area is KSD1, the fourth building to be completed in three years at Hamilton Harbour.

John Campbell, Project Director: “We can’t keep sprawling, we can’t keep sprawling further west, further north and south.”

But the rapid development has surpassed infrastructure upgrades causing congestion along Kingsford Smith Drive.

The Queensland Treasurer says actions are in place.

Tim Nicholls, Qld Treasurer: “Well Kingsford Smith Drive has been a busy road for a long time and certainly there is increasing pressure on it. I know the council is working on upgrades, they’ve spent some $170 million I think so far.”

In 2011, there were 4700 living in Hamilton, with developments expecting to bring an additional thirty-thousand people to the area, locals are concerned about future infrastructure such as parking and traffic congestion.

Vox 1: “I suppose I’ve noticed a lot more traffic in the area.”

Local businesses say they’ve also been affected.

Kristina Georges, Owner – Samies Girl: “I just think that people need to respect parking guidelines and actually being thoughtful of their neighbours. We’ve been here thirty years, it actually makes pressure on our business.”

Harrison Orchard, QUT News.