Some more of Queensland’s most outstanding citizens were honoured at Government House today.

They received awards from Governor Penelope Wensley for their high achievement and contributions to the community.

Harrison Orchard reports.


Twenty-four Queenslanders were presented awards by the Governor concluding the three day event.

Penelope Wensley, Governor: “I congratulate most warmly today’s honours and awards recipients.”

Among today’s recipients was Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Smith.

Smith was awarded the distinguished service cross for his service as a Commanding Officer in Afghanistan.

Christopher Smith, Lieutenant Colonel: “It’s tremendous you know, I’m quite proud because I don’t really take this award as something recognising anything I did in particular, I sort of take it as recognition of what the 700 people that I had working for me and what they did in Afghanistan.”

Another high-profile recipient was record-setting V8 Supercar Driver, Craig Lowndes.

Lowndes was honoured for his service to motor racing and to the community, through road safety education and charitable organisations.

Last Saturday, Lowndes set the record for career victories with 91 and equalled the number of race starts by legend, Peter Brock.

The recipients were put through a process of selecting those honoured for their high achievement after being nominated for their various contributions to community and country.

Other recipients included ABC journalist Kerry Lonergan for service to the media and the community.

Kerry Lonergan, ABC journalist: “It’s gratifying I guess, because journalists are usually on that other list aren’t they.”

Harrison Orchard, QUT News.