Queensland today became the 5th state to commit to proper care for the disabled.

Premier Campbell Newman signed up for the National Disability Insurance Scheme with the Prime Minister, in Brisbane today.

Sarah Orr reports.


Despite a sandwich being thrown in her direction the Prime Minster remained focused attending a morning tea raising money for cancer at Marsden State High School.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “It’s something that touches every Australian family. There wouldn’t be a person in our country who in their family, in their friendship group, in their workplace, isn’t aware of someone who has battled cancer during the course of their lives.”

Then it was off to Autism Queensland to sign the historic NDIS agreement with Campbell Newman.

The initiative will make the lives of people living with disabilities much easier.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister: “For so long in Australia people with disabilities have had to put up with an underfunded and fragmented system.”

Campbell Newman, Premier: “I say to the people who are here today that have disabilities and their friends and families, “congratulations”. You have fought the good fight. You have convinced your fellow Australians and Queenslanders of the need to do something better than we’ve done before.”

The move was welcomed by people with disabilities and their families along with the wider community.

Anthony Kinnear, Psychology student: “There’s no barrier to disorder we are not a minority we are something that can happen to anyone and everyone at anytime everyone at any time.”

As Queensland signs up to the NDIS today, only Western Australia and the Northern Territory remain before all Australians are equal.

Sarah Orr, QUT News.