Premier Campbell Newman has been talking up the economic outlook for Queensland.

That’s despite some indicators suggesting things aren’t quite so rosy.

Jon Healy reports.


The Premier started the day on a positive note launching of a new apartment block at Albion.

Campbell Newman says the construction industry will play a big part in Queensland’s future.

But says he’s most excited about what the tourism industry is currently doing for the anaemic Queensland economy.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “One of the exciting little stories that’s going on right now is that people are coming back to this state for holidays and for business.”

At a Media Club lunch later in the day the Premier was keen to outline his plans to get Queensland out of the financial doldrums.

Premier Newman says the Government’s economic message hasn’t sunk in.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “Sadly, it pains me to say today that still some people don’t understand, and I use the word carefully and soberly, how desperate our situation is.”

The news comes at a particularly bad time for Brisbane with a new productivity report revealing a widening economic gap between Brisbane’s northern and southern suburbs.

The report, by the Melbourne-based Grattan Institute, reveals an almost ten-thousand dollar difference in salaries on either side of the river.

Northern residents are better paid and more educated than those in the south.

Jane-Frances Kelly, Report author: “What this means is it’s harder for people in outer suburbs to access the range of jobs that’s possible for people in the inner area to access and that affects productivity and also their access to opportunities.”

The report showed similar divides opening up across Australia’s other major capital cities.

Jon Healy, QUT News.