Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is at odds with his own Party with some Coalition MPs publicly questioning his hallmark Paid Parental Leave policy.

Member for Mitchell Alex Hawke is leading a push for the plans to be abandoned arguing the scheme is unfair and expensive.

Sarah Orr reports.


There has been internal disquiet in the coalition ranks.

Tony Abbott’s signature social policy lambasted by his own supporters.

Alex Hawke, Liberal MP: “The question is, is this good economic policy at this time and my answer is no.”

Abbott’s extension to the parental leave scheme would see mothers receive six months full time pay of up to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for both low and high income earners.

The scheme will cost 4.3 billion dollars, and will be funded by a one and a half per cent levy on big business.

Alex Hawke, Liberal MP: “There is a very good opportunity here given the ongoing bugdet crisis to revisit their policy and remove this albatross around the neck of the party.”

It forced Abbott on the defensive.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “It’s a very good policy, it shows that the coalition gets it when it comes to the modern Australian family.”

Labor’s content with its own parental leave scheme and says Abbott’s plan favours the wealthy.

Jenny Macklin, Minister for Families: “There are people at the top who are going to get extraordinary benefits while at the same time Tony Abbott wants to slash the school kids bonus.”

The public are divided on the issue.

Vox 1: “Probably a good idea but i think he should probably scrap it while the economy is in such a rotten state.”

Vox 2: “There was the thing about “I think it should be the same for all no matter what” i don’t see that you should pay more to people just because they’re used to getting more.”

Sarah Orr, QUT News.