State-owned schools have been left in the dark after the Newman Government announced it will sell school assets, to pay off debt.

Former PM Kevin Rudd has also lashed out defending schools in his electorate.

Tom Hartley reports.


Margie Gamble is outraged at the LNP.

She found out her son’s school is to be amalgamated with Brisbane State High in yesterday’s paper.

Margie Gamble, Coorparoo High P&C: “They have allowed media to release information and I feel that this is very gutless and I don’t appreciate that.”

She says she doesn’t know when or how changes will be made, but they aren’t welcome.

Margie Gamble, Coorparoo High P& C: “You don’t want that, if you want people to come on board with change you need to discuss things with them, you need to win them over.”

And she’s not alone.

Kevin Rudd, Federal member for Griffith: “It gives me the absolute shites that our local community is being treated as frankly people not deserving to have basic knowledge of what happens in local schools.”

Mr Rudd condemned Premier Campbell Newman.

Kevin Rudd, Federal member for Griffith: “When did you ever ask the Queensland people for a mandate to start flogging off school playing fields in local schools.”

In response to Mr Rudd’s comments, Treasurer Tim Nicholls says selling off state assets such as Balmoral State School’s oval, will benefit Queenslanders in the long run.

Tim Nicholls, State Treasurer: “As populations grow and school populations go up and down as has happened since the time immemorial, schools have closed down and new ones have opened up and this is part of the process.”

He says the sales are all about delivering outcomes, not just “owning things.”

Tim Nicholls, Treasurer: “Better education, better opportunity for kids to get on in the world.”

But Margie says this doesn’t answer her questions.

Margie Gamble, Coorparoo High P&C: “Are they going to be able to complete their studies at Coorparoo, are they going to have to change to finish their course as part of Brisbane State High?

For now Balmoral, Coorparoo and Brisbane State High Schools’ futures are uncertain.

Tom Hartley, QUT News.