Two men have set out on what they’re calling the Million Metre Ride from Brisbane to Sydney today.

The pair is hoping to raise awareness and funding for Motor Neurone Disease on a bike specially designed for team work.

Anna Wall reports.


Scott Sullivan and Dr Ian Davis both live with MND, an aggressive neurological disorder.

Scott began the MND and Me Foundation after being diagnosed and given just twenty seven months to live.

Scott Sullivan, MND and ME Foundation: “Well I though there was a real need for us to raise awareness in the community of Motor Neurone Disease. So many of my friends when I was diagnosed didn’t know what MND was.”

Fellow rider, Ian Davis was diagnosed in September last year and felt an instant connection with Scott and his foundation.

Dr Ian Davis, MND and Me Foundation: “Scott actually decided to do something about it and form the foundation to help people like me who have the disease and that really inspired me.”

Peddling out of Brisbane this morning they are hoping to average 6-8 hours a day over the sixteen day journey.

Stopping in towns along the way the pair have planned events at each stop including a skydiving adventure in Coffs Harbour.

They say their attitude has gotten them through the tough times. Making the most of the hand they’ve been dealt. There’s no doubt these two men are truly inspiring.

Brisbane showed their support this morining, with huge crowds gathering in Queens Street to farewell these inspirational men.

Former professional cyclist Robbie McEwen is amazed at their courage.

Robbie McEwen, Former Professional Cyclist: “Its just an absolutely incredible undertaking with the challenges they face but its so nice to see the support they’re recieving.”

Their journey will be tracked along the way. You can follow their progress on Twitter and Facebook.

To donate to their MND and Me foundation head to

Anna Wall, QUT News.