Thirty Queensland Fire and Rescue Officers graduated in a ceremony today.

And among them – former NRL star, Dane Carlaw, who recieved special honours.

Nathan Filmer reports.


Trainees undertook an intense seventy-eight day program, learning advanced rescue and survival skills.

To graduate the swift-water and vertical rescue, trainees were assessed on their ability to save someone trapped in a car.

A long way from the footy-field, former Brisbane Bronco Dane Carlaw received the Dan Campbell award for his outstanding performance throughout the program.

Carlaw’s happy with his new career choice.

Dane Carlaw, Former Brisbane Broncos player: “Everyday’s a new challenge, and it’s something that appeals to me.”

The Assistant Minister for Emergency Volunteers, Ted Malone attended the ceremony.

Ted Malone, Assistant Minister for Emergency Volunteers: “It’s really heartening to see the quality of trainees that comes through this facility.”

The minister says he hopes to continue the high standard of services provided by emergency volunteers.

Ted Malone, Assistant Minister for Emergency Volunteers: “It’s important to maintain the strength of the fire service in Queensland.”

Queensland is one of only two states that has a state-wide fire and rescue service, responding to more than sixty-eight thousand calls every year.

With a combined metro and rural service, the firefighters will now be sent all over Queensland, some as far away as Gladstone.

Nathan Filmer, QUT News.