The Army has just announced another milestone its first woman soldier in a frontline combat role.

And Brisbane’s Enoggera Barracks has twenty more hopeful recruits who could follow in her footsteps.

The teenagers from all around Queensland are on an Adventure Camp, aimed at encouraging women to think about a career in the army.

Laura Churchill reports.


Early morning rises, PT sessions, weapon simulations, and a ride in the newest MRH helicopter all part of a typical day in the Australian Defence Force.

For this group, it’s a chance to experience first hand the sort of life offered by a career in the army.

And for some, the choice is easy.

Tayla Bussian, Camp Participant: “Definitely those experiences and like differnt things they do yeah very different to a normal job. Definitely.”

The camp, the first of its kind, is part of a campaign to attract more female recruits, by showing they’re welcome in any role in the force.

Lt. Col. Charlie Barton, School of Army Aviation: “We’re just glad to have anyone that wants to come and join us regardless of gender but for you guys hopefully we can give you some inspiration and come and join what I think is the better part of the army.”

Captain Jessica Boyd, head mentor for the camp, said it’s a great way to encourage more women to join up.

Capt. Jessica Boyd, Camp Head Mentor: “And absolutely I’d love to see it happen, I’m a hug advocate for women in the workforce, I dont know that there could be any other better employee.”

The campaign’s already had great results with more women enquiring about a career in the army, bringing recruitment numbers closer to the goal of 660 women.

The camp’s also empowering a girls-can-do-anything attitude.

Tiffany Hofmarer, Camp Participant: “We spoke to two veterans last night and their stories were really inspiring as in you know they pretty much gave across the message that you know we can do just as much as the guys so it’s really good.”

Tonight, the girls compete in a team challenge cook off, showing yet another side of army life.

Laura Churchill, QUT News.