In the first four months of 2013 almost 100 people have lost their lives on Queensland roads.

Police say it’s the highest number of fatalities for the same period, in four years.

Thomas Brakstad reports.


Police are serious about bringing the toll down.

In the last month, they’ve held a number of traffic safety operations around the State.

Insp Keith McDonald, Qld Police: “Today we’re targeting obvious traffic offenders in a number of locations around the Ipswich district.”

Compared to the same period last year around twenty per cent more Queenslanders have died on our roads.

Insp Keith McDonald, Qld Police: “You can never know when somebody may do the wrong thing and the intention of an operation like today’s is to enforce to people everywhere that police will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior on the road.”

Inspector McDonald says a key target of police operations will be RBT set-ups with increasing numbers of motorists caught drink driving.

At the same time as the operation went on in Ipswich, Police Minister, Jack Dempsey spoke in parliament.

He announced that this year’s fatality free Friday will be held on the 31st of May.

And the day will have a tough target to beat.

Scott Emerson, Qld Transport Minister: “Last year we had no fatalities on Fatality Free Friday in Queensland. I would love to see that again. One fatality is one too many, we’d love everyday to be fatality free.”

Thomas Brakstad, QUT News.