Australia’s first breakthrough musical, Hot Shoe Shuffle, will be returning to stage twenty years after its debut.

The tap-filled romp will be at QPAC for most of May.

Molly Glassey reports.


It’s been fifteen years since David Atkins graced the stage.

And now he’s back – tap shoes and all.

David Atkins, Director/Choreographer/Performer: “It’s very sort of satisfying to get back up, and actually get the tap shoes on.”

Created in 1992 Hot Shoe Shuffle paved the way for Australian theatre.

It was Australia’s first musical to feature on West End – wowing literally millions of people.

David Atkins’ original character Spring has been revived by Jersey Boys star, Bobby Fox.

Bobby Fox, Spring: “It’s quite funny, like during rehearsal he’ll slip into picking up one of my lines like before I even say it, because he’d be so used to doing it – muscle memory kind of thing.”

The musical follows seven Tap brothers, who can only inherit their father’s fortune if they perform the legendary Hot Shoe Shuffle.

The catch – they have to include their long-lost, clumsy sister April played by Jaz Flowers – a long time Shuffle fan.

Jaz Flowers, April: “This was the first show I ever saw – I knew every word to every song, every harmony, every tap step. Know it all and knew it by the time I was possibly 10.”

It’s almost always a gamble when a legend returns to the stage, but audiences can rest assure that David Atkins, 15 years later, has still got it.

David Atkins, Director/Choreographer/Performer: “A lot of it’s almost muscle memory. It almost comes back to you which is a good thing but I’m looking forward to getting the first audience under my belt.”

Molly Glassey, QUT News.