Mining magnate Clive Palmer has announced the first candidate for his fledgling political party.

The United Australia Party has endorsed former Queensland MP Rob Messenger to run in the next federal election.

Jonathan Ayre reports.


The battle lines have been drawn.

Billionaire Clive Palmer declared war on the major political parties today by announcing they have selected their first candidate.

Former state MP Rob Messenger will run in the Central Queensland seat of Hinkler, centred around Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.

Clive Palmer, Billionaire: “He’s standing in the community as a first-class candidate, it’s good that he’s one of the many that are joining the United Australia Party.”

Mr Palmer launched a scathing attack of Australia’s two-party political system.

Clive Palmer, Billionaire: “People are sick and they are tired – they’re worn out of the boring duopoly that we see destroying our national affairs.”

In Hervey Bay, Mr Messenger spoke highly of Clive Palmer’s credentials.

Rob Messenger, UAP Candidate: “Mr Palmer is an internationally renowned businessman. And he has integrity, and he’s got the know-how to balance books, read a budget and also create wealth and jobs.”

Meanwhile there’s still anger about this week’s report into the state’s finances.

At Parliament House the unions continued their attack on the LNP’s response to the Costello audit report, saying that privatisation will cost Queensland dearly.

Alex Scott, Secretary Together Queensland: “No contestability process in the world has ever resulted in a higher quality service. Contestability is about the cheapest services possible, not the best service possible.”

Together Queensland says it will take the campaign to the people, with a series of community meetings scheduled over the next few months.

Jonathan Ayre, QUT News.