Asthma is one of Australia’s most common health problems and it claims more than 400 lives every year.

Today, a number of key speakers were in Brisbane for this year’s World Asthma Day Symposium.

Bianca Britton reports.


Many people believe asthma is under control, however the Asthma Foundation begs to differ.

Peter Anderson, Asthma Foundation: “There’s a lot of room for improvement with the care provided for people with asthma within the health care system.”

And today, key speakers gathered at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital who are undertaking innovative research and program trials into asthma management strategies.

The overall aim is to alert the health community about individual approaches.

Dr Simon Bowler, Respiratory and Sleep Specialist: “There are many things that could be improved in these individuals’ management that could have been made these presentations to hospital avoidable.”

Patients continue to underestimate the severity of their asthma conditions, and with 1 in 10 Australians being affected, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Sufferers say it can be difficult and scary when an asthma attack occurs but warning signs are sometimes easy to miss.

Selena Colaritti, Asthma Sufferer: “Quite often they do go unnoticed – so they can pass in waves I guess.”

Current evidence shows that those suffering from the condition are often neglecting to use the appropriate preventative methods.

Hospital admissions for asthma cost more than 24 million dollars per year and researchers estimate that 45 per cent of these costs could be saved if asthma control is achieved.

Prof William Runciman, Patient Safety and Healthcare: “We don’t have a way of monitoring of what’s being done is appropriate, so I think it’s high time we took steps.”

Bianca Britton, QUT News.